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This is a PowerPoint presentation created for Mickey’s Sunday School class of her trip to Nicaragua.


If you need a PowerPoint viewer, please go here to download it:  http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13

Guess what Mickey is Doing in Public?

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As many of you know, the Deputy family is active in fundraising for Riley Hospital for Children and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  Some of this fundraising is in the form of public speaking to encourage others to join different fundraising efforts, such as Dance Marathon and Team in Training.  Well, we went to speak at an event to BUDM last Friday called Reilly for Riley and for the first time, Mickey stood in front of a group of college students and told her story.  Jenny and I just sat back and video taped (actually, cell phone and camera recorded to digital media, but you get the picture).  Jenny has posted the video on her Facebook page, but since some of you aren’t into Facebook, I thought I’d post it here so you can enjoy it too.  So without any further ado:


Well, It Happened to Me

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I have said many times that it is not a question of if you hard drive will crash, it is when.  Well, it happened to us last week.  The drive in our main family PC quit on us one night.  Luckily I have a decent backup plan.  I put all my files I want to save (pictures, music, docs, Etc) in a central folder structure.  Then every night I copy that folder structure to another machine on my network and to a USB attached hard drive.  I also take periodic copies to DVD and store that off-site.  Notice I said decent, not perfect.  E-mail burned me.  Although I backup up the files every night, I found that my Outlook files were open every night and they did not copy to my backup locations.  I knew that, I’m a DBA, I have to explain that in meetings every couple weeks or so.   Fortunately,  I was able to us a Knoppix disk access what was left of my crashed hard drive and retrieve the necessary files.  Thus my address book was restorable.  But the point of this post is it can and will happen to anyone.  So make sure you have a backup plan, and most importantly test that the files you think are being backed up are being backed up in a usable form.  So that is my quick PSA for the day.  Of course, there is always an need for your blood, so donate every time you are able.



Vacation 2010

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Well I have finally posted it.  Here is the info on our summer vacation.  Please go here to see it.


I’ve really got to stop these month + updates

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O.K., I need you help.  You’ve go my e-mail.  I’m available on twitter.  Bug me, harass me, whatever.  Since Jenny has been sucked into Facebook, the website has been relegated to me, and I am not doing a very good job at keeping it updated.  So if you could give me some gentle (or not so gentle) reminders to get my lazy butt in gear and let you know what is going on, I’d appreciate it.

Anyway, here it goes.  We have been pretty boring around here.  The Dance Marathon circuit has wound down.  The spring semester of Karate is coming to a close with awards this Thursday and tournament on Saturday.  The kids have been practicing a little so hopefully they will do well.  School is cruising along well.  Mickey received her results for the iStar test (Similar to the istep test but for Special Ed students)  She passed all three parts and scored pass+ for the reading/language  arts portion.  She was very excited, and so we her teachers and family.  Both Brad and Mickey scored high honor roll for the past 9 weeks, which puts Brad on the honor roll at the GT school at 3 for 3 this year.  That is quite an accomplishment.

Brad holding a little snake

Our little Nica Girl

I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not, but we have begun to sponsor a child form Nicaragua as a result of Jenny’s trip there.  His name is Raul and he has the same birthday as Jenny, well everything except the year of course.  He is soooooo much younger.  (Yes Jenny, that was to get a chuckle from you)

Raul at School

That is for now.  Now don’t let me go too long without an update.



Fun Stuff for today

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Today I was performing an upgrade around noon today and I started to get hungry, and a case of minimal concentration attacked me.  I think it was watching very slow moving progress bars.  But anyway, Lory who was doing her part of the upgrade was waiting for me to watch slow moving progress bars crawl across the screen had IM up so we could communicate during the upgrade.  On my second monitor I opened a browser and Googled: “Weird things on Amazon.”

Oh my, they really do sell everything form A to Z including the following:

Fresh Whole Rabbit

The Original Roadkill Cookbook

Uranium – Yes Seriously 


Gallon of Milk

Chicken poop lip balm – Seriously NOT on my wish list.

But if you are looking to buy me something I would not be insulted if you bought me this:  CLICK HERE (Since they are sold out, the price isn’t there any more, but I saw a blog post saying it cost $500.000.00) although I may sell it if you get it for me.

There is also some stuff for the guys.  Click here to see this.

I almost forgot this one for the literature lovers


So if you are bored sometime.  Go ahead and find some weird things on Amazon.


chewy is all checked in and ready to go.

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chewy is all ready for his first trip out of the country.  Jenny will be keeping an eye on him.


It’s been a while hasn’t it?

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Wow, have I been delinquent?  It’s not like we’ve been doing nothing. 

busyperson1We have been a little busy around here.  It’s been almost two months since I enlightened you with the wisdom that oozes from my mind.  It is currently one of my four favorite seasons of the year: Winter.  I know some of you are not lovers of this particular season.  Then there are you that live a little closer to the equator are being inundated with those trying to escape the beauty of the season.  But alas I digress, let’s get back to the my droning on and on.  Wow, that was weird, I just went off on a tangent about snow in Indiana the very next sentence after getting back to how busy we are.  But I saved you from having to muddle though it by deleting it.  So now, this time I really mean it, let’s get on with the update.  By the way, that once of the cool things about having your own blog.  You can say anything you want and somebody may actually read it.  Crap, I just did it again.  I guess I am officially the ADD blogger tonight.  So let’s try this again.  Tonight I’m going to try backwards history.  I’ll start with the recent stuff then work my way backwards and ask Jenny what we did when we hit the end of my memory timeline.  So today Jenny bought some new boots, her old ones broke, it was ugly.  So we had to test them out.  So as soon as Brad arrived home from school we bundled up and made good use of the 3 new inches of frozen sunshine that God blessed us with last night and went to Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove to sled.  We had a blast until we were Deputysicles (Woo hoo! new word).  Then home for a scrumptious dinner and now to blogging, homework, and cleanup.  (Guess who chose blogging over cleanup?  Bad husband, bad)  A couple of days ago we hosted our small group from Church as well as my parents for the Super Bowl and Mom’s Birthday.  Well, although they are not my first choice, living in Indianapolis we were of course rooting for the COLTS.  We had so much excellent food that I think some of it didn’t even get touched.  Although the team we were rooting for did not win, it was a good game.  Congratulations Saints.  I know my nephew Drew was loving every minute of it.  Unfortunately that has led to left-overs and as a result re-joining the YMCA and working out.

Both Jenny and I have gotten involved at church in the technical ministries.  Jenny is doing lights and slides and, I know this will shock some of you, I have begun to run sound again.  (ROCK ON!!!!)  This has been a really fun experience.  Our church’s tech ministry, like everything else at the church, is done with excellence and it has been a real learning experience working with such knowledgeable people on such good equipment.  Our small group has been growing on Sunday nights and our discussions of that day’s message has been very challenging and though provoking.  Helpful tip for the day:  You will get so much more out of the message if you take notes and do more than fill in the blanks if that is how your church offers it.  It’s amazing how many times we have to use the backside of bulletins announcements for extra room.

We are also in the middle of the Dance Marathon season (a fundraiser program for Riley Hospital for kids)  We recently attended and spoke at BUDM (Butler University Dance Marathon).  And we have PUDM and BSUDM coming up.  I’m betting those of you from around here can guess which colleges those are.  We went to PUDM’s family day and while Mickey and Brad bowled, Jen and I watched the Colts vs Jets.  We had a great time.  Later the IUDM alumni invites us to speak and play question and answers for the IUDM executive committee retreat.  I think they are going to have a awesome year.  Speaking of speaking, Jenny did several school assemblies for Pennies for Patients including Sidener Academy for High Ability Students and Christel House Academy (Brad’s and Mickey’s school).  Both Brad and Mickey made the honor roll for the second nine weeks, making it a first semester sweep for Brad.

Jenny had a few more adventures including finding Indiana’s best tenderloin at the Blue Crew Sports Grill before going shopping with my Mom and her Mom to get some things for her trip to Nicaragua.  Yep I said that right, she is fleeing the country for a week to work with a special needs school outside Managua.  Which led her to having a bunch of shots to get ready to go.  Those shots and the trip will defer her from donating blood for the next year.   HMMM, I think there is something else that will defer one from donating blood for a year.  I wonder what that could be????  Maybe a tattoo.  Well since she is deferred anyway why not go for it.  So in honor of her 26.2 mile accomplishment earlier this year, her ankle is now decorated   as follows: tattoo

Yep, that ain’t no sticker.  Mickey joined Jenny for her next adventure and loved every minute of it.  Mickey received four tickets to the symphony, and I know you’ll be shocked by this but Brad and I really weren’t interested in going so Jenny offered the tickets up on Facebook and a friend of ours from church and her son (who happens to also have Down Syndrome) jumped at the chance.  They all had a wonderful time.

On the Brad front he had a not so happy experience after a piece of an elastic with a metal fastener met his eye at at high rate of speed.  He got a day out of school (not so bad in his eyes) and a couple trips to eye doctor and a contact to help the abrasion on his eye to heal.  On the other extreme, Brad and I went to Climb Time Towers with his life group from church.  We had a awesome time climbing walls until we were both exhausted.  Then we went out for pizza and found the closest thing to Chicago style deep dish I have found here in Indy.

The end of December included Christmas and New years.  I took the last two weeks of the year off so we spent the Christmas vacation all as a family.  It was a wonderful could of weeks.  We went shopping down in Nashville, IN and played a bunch of video games and movies.  It was so much fun.  I have a great family.

Wow, I was finally able to focus and burn through it.  I didn’t go down too many rabbit trails once I got going.  So look forward to my next update.




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Yesterday was a milestone at the Deputy household.  It was the day of five years cancer free for Mickey.  That has special meaning in that this is the day that she is considered cured, not just in remission, but cured, done, finished with cancer.  She had a very surprising evening.  She is also in ballet class and she had her first recital last night.  Unbeknownst to her, but beknownst to us, Jenny had sent out a message on Facebook to let her friends know what was happening.  That resulted in a huge cheering section for our little ballerina.  We had friends from TNT, friends from Butler Dance Marathon, friends from Indiana University Dance Marathon (even though it was finals week for both schools) Grandma & Grandpa Deputy, Aunt Joy and Uncle Brian and of course the best brother in the world: Brad “Black Belt” Deputy.  It was so cute, she came out with her class and was warming up and saw one of her friends and just stopped stretching and her jaw almost hit the floor and the morphed into the cutest smile you have ever seen.  After the recital, and after she was showered in 4 bouquets of gorgeous pink roses we went out with Joy and Brian and the Butler Dance Marathon cheering section to Boogie Burger for a cure date celebration of cheeseburgers, bacon cheese fries and ice cream.  So Mickey accomplished her goal of “Kicking Cancer’s Butt”, and she did it with the grace and beauty that we have all come to expect from her: touching lives and making a difference in the world.



What an Awesome Week

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This week was a monumental week at the Deputy house.  After five years of hard work and dedication Brad received his black belt in karate.  This is an incredible event considering he is only 10 years old.  It is a image that will be ingrained in my mind forever.  Brad walking up the his instructor, bowing to each other, shaking hands and having Mr. Rick tie his belt on.  This was so cool to see, and he now has something to look back on to remind himself that he can persevere and with hard work he can complete a difficult task.  We are all so proud of him.  If you want to send him a note of encouragement he would really appreciate it.  His e-mail is Brad at Deputyfamily.net.